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Our Brands

Here at Leisures, we stock the finest of European and locally designed shoes.

Read below to find out more...

The 'Leisures' Brand

With manufacturers around the world including Turkey and Spain, we love bringing you our own Leisures styles. We pride ourselves on quality and comfortable shoes, so that's the experience that awaits you when you purchase a pair of Leisures brand shoes. We believe every woman should be able to feel great and look good as she goes about her day, and it all starts with the right pair of shoes!


For over 60 years, Ara originating from Germany, has excelled in crafting high-quality shoe fashions that seamlessly blend attractive design with a perfect fit. 

This fusion of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies, such as HighSoft soles, Bamboo Lining, and Goretex, creates the unique Ara feeling.


Arche is a renowned European footwear and accessories brand that has been manufacturing handmade designer shoes, boots, sandals, and handbags for several decades.In each pair of Arche shoes, opulence intertwines with French fashion. Meticulously fashioned using their patented technique for crafting natural rubber soles, Arche’s distinct footwear offers an exceptional blend of flexibility and comfort.


Born amidst Spain’s hills, Hispanitas has artfully fashioned shoes and bags for years, merging aesthetics with advanced comfort technology. The Spanish label is known for its premium footwear and accessories, particularly women's shoes. When searching for the perfect pair of European women's shoes, Hispanitas is a brand that takes various factors into consideration beyond just aesthetics.


Established in 1872 in Graz, Austria, Legero epitomise enduring design, unwavering functionality, premium materials, and impeccable fitting. With meticulous scrutiny, they ensure seamless closure, effective shock absorption, breathability, and an impeccable fit.

'Natural World'

Natural World is a young brand, born with the aim of creating a 100% ecological shoe. Built off years of family tradition in the world of footwear, The essence of the brand is the love of nature and the the authenticity of our products, blending the trends with ecological philosophy.


Founded in 1984, Pikolinos is well known for its natural leathers and traditional handcrafted shoe making. The brand has their own unique style, which was designed to bring comfort and pleasure to the owner. Pikolinos sandals are perfect for wearing any time during the summer, down at the beach or any casual occasion.


For Austrian brand Think!, environmental protection is neither a marketing tool nor a temporary fashion topic, but the pure conviction and solid part of the company philosophy. For more than 20 years Think! have been producing shoes under strict ecological standards and utilisation of materials which are kind to humans as well as nature.

'Toni Pons'

For over 75 years, Spanish brand Toni Pons has boasted exceptional quality materials and vibrant colours. With their remarkable flexibility and comfort, their shoes are destined to become your constant companions.