Winter Apparel

Women's Winter Apparel

You have your warm winter coat and your fashionable winter boots, all you have to do is collect a few winter hats, gloves, scarves and ponchos. Make sure that the colours of your winter apparel is matching and harmonising with the colour of your other garments. Choose your scarf or thick knitted hat to match the colours of your bags or boots.

Classy knitted winter apparels is very fashionable, but you can also choose from Leisures Australia variety of colourful or patterned pieces. The most important thing is to choose the apparel that matches your personality the best.

A warm high neck poncho is a perfect choice on a cool autumn or spring day as well as during winter. Just lay it on yourself, and enjoy the warmth of the wool during the entire day. Still feeling cold? Protect your delicate palm skin with an elegant, soft women’s wool glove.