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Fusing Spanish flair and premium leathers, an authentically European summer ambiance comes to life. Infused with superb quality materials and captivating designs, Pikolinos encapsulate the essence of fashion-forward style within each of us!

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Founded in 1984, Pikolinos is well known for its natural leathers and traditional handcrafted shoe making. The brand has their own unique style, which was designed to bring comfort and pleasure to the owner. Pikolinos shoes are perfect for wearing down any time during the summer, down at the beach or any casual occasion. You can wear Pikolinos boots, sandals or shoes with a comfortable set of jeans or a light summer dress. Pikolinos have a great range of sandals, boots, court shoes, mary janes, loafers, wedges and plenty more. Known for their quality and for being long lasting, if you’re after a pair that you can wear for years that will stay in style, then you can’t go past these ones.

Pikolinos is a Spanish shoe brand that forms part of the Pikolinos Group, a company whose activities range from tanning leather to production to having their own shops. Their products are defined by their prime material, the leather. They manage and process the tanning of all leathers in-house, to ensure that they always maintain the same essence.

First and foremost, Pikolinos is a shoe with a lot of personality. Each shoe is unique. That's why they apply all their experience and expertise to the craftsmanship that seals in the shoe's personality. They identify with the Mediterranean lifestyle, not only with its light and splashes of color, but also with the mellow, laid-back nature of the peoples of the region. Thus, their shoes are designed to be high-quality, comfortable footwear, embodying the values that, for them, are more important than trends.

Their commitment to the environment has put them on the cutting edge with regard to the use of chrome-free leather, water-based glues without toxic components, and natural dyes.