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Arche is a renowned French brand that has been manufacturing handmade designer shoes, boots, sandals, and handbags for several decades.

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Arche is a renowned European footwear and accessories brand that has been manufacturing handmade designer shoes, boots, sandals, and handbags for several decades.
In each pair of Arche shoes, opulence intertwines with French fashion. Meticulously fashioned using their patented technique for crafting natural rubber soles, Arche’s distinct footwear offers an exceptional blend of flexibility and comfort.

The company's production takes place primarily in the Chateau Region of France, near Paris, where a team of skilled craftsmen meticulously assembles each pair of shoes and bags. Arche's commitment to excellence is evident in their handcrafted products, which aim to deliver the highest quality to their customers.
One of the distinctive features of Arche footwear is its rich and inviting color palette, which draws inspiration from the latest fashion trends. The brand takes pride in incorporating flowing lines and soft textures into their collections, creating vibrantly colorful styles that make a statement. Since its establishment in 1960, Arche has remained dedicated to French expertise and craftsmanship, paying meticulous attention to finishing touches and details. Here at Leisures, we believe European fashion and french sophistications should be accessible here in Australia.

Importantly, comfort is a hallmark of Arche products, and the brand has gained recognition for its natural latex soles, which ensure a smooth and comfortable walking experience. The majority of Arche's production still takes place in France, specifically in the town of Chateau Renault, located just north of Tours. While a small portion of their production occurs in Hungary, Arche places a high priority on maintaining quality throughout their manufacturing process.

Arche is known for its commitment to using high-quality leather and suede materials, which contribute to the overall comfort and pleasure of wearing their shoes. The company emphasizes handcrafted techniques, including manual leather cutting and the application of glue to the latex soles before attaching the leather. Additionally, quality checks are performed after each operation to ensure the consistency of their products.

Arche offers an extensive collection of footwear, featuring classic models like the Laius, as well as new trendy designs introduced each season. Since 2016, the brand has expanded its range to include both common and design models. With a combination of distinctive colours and trendy styles, Arche has even established itself as a trendsetter in shoe fashion.

Overall, Arche is renowned for its commitment to quality, comfort, and fashion-forward designs. Their handmade shoes and accessories showcase the expertise and craftsmanship that have been the foundation of the brand since its inception in 1960. Leisures is proud to stock such a large and varied range of Arche shoes to the Australian woman.