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Established in 1872 in Graz, Austria, Legero epitomise enduring design, unwavering functionality, premium materials, and impeccable fitting.

With meticulous scrutiny, they ensure seamless closure, effective shock absorption, breathability, and an impeccable fit.

Legero shoes for women are designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and stylishly contemporary, making them ideal for everyday wear. Whether you need sneakers, sandals, moccasins, ballerinas, boots, ankle boots, or low-cut shoes, Legero offers a variety of options to suit different weather conditions and seasons. Legero shoes are crafted using the best materials, including leather and high-quality textiles, to ensure comfort and durability

Legero places high standards on their women's shoes, focusing on timeless design, functionality, high-quality materials, and the perfect fit. The shoes are designed to be easy to put on, with convenient closures, shock absorption, breathability, and a comfortable fit. The brand is committed to continuously checking the quality of their materials and ensuring they meet strict criteria for chemical ingredients. Legero aims not only to meet their quality standards but to exceed them.

Legero is a brand under Legero United, a company founded in Austria in 1872. Today, the family-run company is internationally successful and has its headquarters in Graz. Legero shoes aim to inspire people, improve their quality of life, and conserve natural resources through well-thought-out design, sustainable materials, and high levels of comfort.

Legero is committed to sustainability and fairness throughout the production process. They prioritise using high-quality materials and ensuring that their employees work under fair conditions. The company takes pride in its work, striving to contribute to their customers' well-being and provide a feeling of lightness through their shoes. All Legero shoes share a common characteristic: the highest quality and a tangible passion for what they do and here at Leisures Shoe Boutique, we are proud to stock them!