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Meet Arche - Simple, elegant, French design

Meet Arche - Simple, elegant, French design

Founded in 1968, Arche is a French, family-owned company, specialising in highly original designs for over 3 generations. This beautiful brand has so much to offer, so let's take a closer look at Arche's features and personality: 

The Loire Valley Workshop

From drawing board to production, Arche’s shoe collections are created at Château-Renault in the Loire Valley, in a workshop with a staff of 70 artisans, all of whom are experts with unique expertise and know-how that melds craftsmanship with the latest technology.

The Leathers

The leathers are individually selected to meet exacting standards, thus guaranteeing the refined colours and softness on which Arche’s reputation is founded. The superior full-grain skins are sourced from Europe’s leading suppliers, all of whom are committed to sustainable and ecologically responsible development.

The Process

It takes over 120 operations to produce Arche shoes, all performed by hand, by artisans passionate about their craft. These highly specialised processes, ranging from pattern- and leather-cutting to assembling the shoes, enhance the high quality of the leathers used.

The Soles

Arche’s unique soles are made using a plant-based substance derived from hevea milk. It takes over fifty hand-tooled operations to craft these soles, which offer unparalleled comfort, thanks to their micro-air cushion structure.


Arche is one of many brands we stock here at Leisures, and make sure you check out our AW24 range here.